Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Kgalagadi 2016-10-24


Day 1: Niewoudsville
Day 2: Kalahari Monate Lodge 
Day 3: Twee Rivieren
Day 4: Nossob
Day 5 and 6: Poletswa
Day 7 and 8: Mata Mata
Day 9: Rooiputs
Day 10: Augrabies
Day 11: Home

Day 1
Niewoudsville - Groenrivier

Groenrivier - Niewoudsville

 Recommended overnight spot in Niewoudsville with all the facilities that you need..

The perfect spot to drink your morning coffee or tea, overlooking the farm with the sunset smiling on your face.

Day 2: Niewoudsville to Kalahari Monate Lodge(Upington)
Gravel road: +- 419km

Kalahari Monate Lodge - Upington
Karla very eager to help set up the camp...all fingers survived!

After working hard it is time to relax next to the camp fire and enjoy the view of "Springbokkies" grazing almost right next to our tent. Karla had a surprise visit from the Lodges Tortoise coming to inspect our camp...she wasn't too happy about that.

 Day 3: Kalahari Monate Lodge (Upington) to Twee Rivieren
Gravel Road: +- 225km  

Day 4 and onwards: Kgalagadi


Road to Poletswa

Poletswa visitor. Visited there our whole visit.

Southern Pale Goshawk with his lunch...

Some guests the last night in our campsite...maybe Lion?!

Our guest visits again...or are we the guests.

On the way to Mata Mata via Nossob

Our Second spotting of Cape Cobra

Family of five Spotted Eagle Owls...these faces are two of the young ones out of the three

Mata Mata

Stunning male Bateleur taking off

Some of the Giraffe showing off their long legs at the waterhole...

Breakfast time with Ouma and Oupa on our way back from Mata Mata, going to TweeRivieren and Rooiputs.

Lazy Cheetah lying in the shade of a tree right next to the road...

Rooiputs...what a way to end off our stay in Kgalagadi!!! Beautiful views with a stunning golden sunset to end off the day from Campsite 4. Would definitely go back and recommend it to anybody.

One and only Hornbill making us aware of his presence on the roof top...

Had a leopard on the hill in the background when we got up the next morning. The silhouette disappeared after a few minutes....

Some Hyena tracks from the previous night.... 3 of them

On the first day that we saw this Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk, he/she was after Cape Cobra (bright yellow) that quickly disappeared into the bushes. On our way out he/she once again gave us a close up farewell hopping around after pray.

Augrabies....a hot stop over on our way home

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