Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Dumbe, Golden Gate and Sani Pass 2013-12-28

Our December 2013 Holiday

Decided to not drive to far so Drakensberg it is.

At Dumbe 1

Retiefs Pass
You will probably need T4A or make sure you know the way, some places a was not sure even with T4A. Probably took us about 2 hours. You dont want to do it in the wet and they actually close it when whet.

Had a beer at Amphitheatre Backpackers

On our way to Bezuidenhout Pass it started raining hard so had to skip it and use Middledale Pass which is tarred.

Retiefs Klip, where Piet Retief stayed for a while.

Kaalvoet vrou

Then we were of to Golden Gate Cultural Village

Went for a morning Christmas drive and a Breakfast

Lost if wild in this plain, Bontebok

Day After Christmas we went for another scenic drive and then of to Bergwoning 4x4 Trail

Start of Bergwoning 4x4 trail

And it started pouring down

Very nice river crossings, had to walk them and also remove some tree trunks out of the way.

and very slippery

Did the whole track and at the end the one car got stuck at the reception...

We decided to drive to Sani Pass the next day.

Yea yea, there is another pub that is higher apparently but who cares...

The Chinese are busy tarring the road inside Lesotho from Sani to the A1, a pity, another nice road spoiled.

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