Sunday, 19 June 2016

Riverzicht camping 2016-06-18

Had a very exciting camping weekend at Riverzicht close to Robertson with the Off-road Camping Club.

Started off with very nice weather...watching the river level closely with all the rain a few days before.

Water started bursting the banks. From here it came in very quickly.

Few out of focus pics but we were trying to get everything to higher ground (:

Compare the tree at the front of the rubber duck in this pic:

To this one:

Zoomed: Before

Zoomed: Next Morning

All damage we had was one window that was quickly replaced. Some great team work got everyone one to higher ground in a record time.

Anyway, relocated to higher ground and the festivities continued.

Thanks for the Mussels and Rooster koek Kenny!

 BaasJan, the camp maskot!

Karla Chasing Sky

 And a visit to Klipdrift.

Awsome weekend, thanks Guy's

Not all of this pics is ours...Hope you guy's dont mind us sharing it.

R190 per person per night

Route: 418km

Gansbaai Cage diving and camping 2016-05-15

What a great experience.

If you are planning to go, get the Entertainer Cape Town app and get a buy on get one free offer if it is still valid.

Strandskloof Park Camping