Monday, 17 July 2017

Sutherland and Ouberg Pas 2017-07-17

We were invited on a last minute trip to Sutherland.
Got invited at about 8pm to leave the next day around 6am ish.

Problem with waiting 3 month to post the pics is i cant remember the Km's traveled and all this details but if you need it i can get it from my GPS...So send a message.

What a cool trip!

Ouberg Pass

The road in the Tankwa area is famous for punctures

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Really far behind, so the last years trips...

Just realized i have not added trip reports in the last year...
There have not been a lot of camping/traveling, so going to do one post for the last year.

First it was Christmas Camp in Doringlaagte November 2016

22 Waterfalls near Porterville

a Lazy December at Kambati and on Reenen's Farm close to Greyton

Malgas Pont

Reenen's Farm (Greyton)
To camp here send me a msg so that i can give you the details.

New Years

A beach breakfasts

Another weekend at 22 Waterfalls, just the boys.

Yzerfontein Campsite with the Cruiser club

With mommies tummy getting bigger...

with a new member in the family. Welcome Lana

Another beach braai...

And another one

All while this is happening

Due in one month. So have not been doing many trips, apart from the spur of the moment Snow trip to Sutherland which i will post separately in the next post.